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Marrakech is a fantastic place for shopping. What to buy in Marrakech is quite hard to write as there is a world of shopping what there. Apart from all the shops around the city, Marrakech Souks are known for diversity and exotic artifacts.

Shopping in Marrakech is fairly easy and whatever you want to buy you’ll be able to explore Marrakech souks and find all sorts of carpets, slippers, leather artifacts, scarves, dried fruits and Moroccan pastry, lanterns, wooden boxes, and more much more.

Souks are mainly a place of hard work and creation. Bare in respect for people who are working while you take photos, ask before doing do.

Video of a motorbike around Marrakech souks.

Marrakech Souks

Souk Kimakhine: This is the market for musical instruments, where local craftsmen and instrument makers build unique taras (tambourines) and Gnawa guitars called Guembris, darboukas and tarija drums, etc.

Souk Sebbaghine: This is the dyers’ market where you’ll explore dark alleys filled with hanged hanks of wool painted in numerous colors. Natural pigments of indigo, saffron, wild mint, poppy, rose petals, madder, pomegranate, mallow and cobalt are added to the unrolled wool and set to dry in the sun.

Souk Attarine: Various lanterns, mirrors, boxes and hammered teapots make this souk a bright place, reflecting the warm Sun of Marrakech through brass and copper. Visit Marrakech brass-ware market for exotic decorated lanterns and other house decor.

Souk Haddadine: This is the place where you can watch the blacksmiths and iron workers in action. Here you can buy various designs of moucharabiens and diverse styles of lanterns.

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