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7 Patron Saints Marrakech

Patron Saint Marrakech

Who would say that Marrakech would have patrons & protectors saints? In fact, Marrakech have 7 Saints that serve as spiritual guardians and protectors of this amazing city. Nowadays the life on the city seems to run without the presence of the Patron Saints of Marrakech, but deep inside, spirituality is evident.

During the 18th century, the Sultan Moulay Ismail make this official as he instituted a pilgrimage called ziara. This ziara pilgrimage of the tombs would make pilgrims to visit seven patron saints and meditate each day in one of the mausoleums called zaouias. Each patron saint corresponded to a specific day of the week.

In order to protect Moroccan culture during the French presence in the country, a law prohibited non-Muslims to visit these holy places, making it impossible to visit. You can try your luck and ask if you can go inside, take your shoes out and remember to contribute your way in to the lady in charge (10 Dirhams is enough).

Photos of some Marrakech Zaouias

Patron Saints of Marrakech

  • Monday: Sidi es Soheili
  • Tuesday: Sidi Youssef Ben Ali
  • Wedneday: Qadi Ayad
  • Thursday: Sidi Bel Abbes
  • Friday: Sidi Ben Slimane el Jazouli
  • Saturday: Sidi Abd el Aziz
  • Sunday: Moul el Ksour

Quick Marrakech Spiritual Vocabulary

  • Ziara – Instituted pilgrimage to Marrakech’s 7 patron saints;
  • Zaouia – Mausoleum of a saint or someone spiritually important;
  • Salat – Muslim prayer to be done 5 times a day;