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Hammam Massage Marrakech

Hammam Marrakech, Hammam Morocco, Hammam and Massage in Morocco

Many people hear about “Hammam” and about “Hammam Marrakech“, but most folks don’t really know what others are talking about exactly. Basically a Hammam is the Moroccan version of the Turkish Bath, a place to relax, treat your body and clean your skin through some natural products, hot water and hot steam.

The biggest difference between a Hammam in Morocco and the Turkish bath is that in Morocco rooms are not usually heated with steam, but heated through hot water taps and heated floors (which will eventually create some steam also).

Most normal hammams in Marrakech will be places where people go to deep clean their body and spend some time socializing with friends (specially women hammams).

In Marrakech you can also find some quality hammams where you can enjoy a full body treatment, massage, skin cleansing and exfoliating with natural soaps and oils which leave you with beautiful skin and body. The hammam health process is combined with ancient traditional beauty rites using techniques such as soft soap body scrub and purified clay body poultice. Bath-salts and fumes can be of cedar wood, orange blossom, rose petals and other herbs found in Morocco.

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Hammam risks and dangers

  • Don’t go to a hammam after eating, you might be in digestion process and could be dangerous
  • Hammam is not healthy for people suffering from high blood pressure is obviously not suitable for people suffering from hypotension due to the hot environment
  • Going to the hammam on the same day as you shave your legs could be irritable for your skin and you will be deep scrubbed. Some good hammams also offer professional and assisted hair removal, taking good care of you and using no irritable processes and products.
  • You’ll spend a couple of hours inside a very hot environment, please protect yourself from unnecessary cold and wind as you come out of the hammam, get your scarf with you to use it on the 30 minutes after you go out of the hammam.