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Learn Moroccan Arabic Basics

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The Arabic language seems to be difficult for the majority of people but knowing a few words isn’t that complicate and can actually be quite useful while shopping and getting to know local population. Moroccan Arabic is a little bit easier due to the lack of most grammar logics. On this page you’ll learn Basic Moroccan Arabic in order to be able to communicate with people.

Riad Marrakech will introduce you some words of Moroccan Arabic in order to improve your Arabic language skills so that next time you travel to Marrakech, you can actually communicate and make yourself understood on the streets.This page will be updated time to time. Traveling is all about Human contact and Human interaction, so, being able to communicate with local people in their own language gives you the chance of getting to know the country in a different way. Learn the Basics of Moroccan Arabic and practice it while visiting the country during your next holidays in Morocco.

Arabic Beginner Lesson 7- Thank You!

Greetings in Moroccan Arabic

  • Hello – Salam Aleikum
  • Hello back (response) – Wa Aleikum Asalam
  • Good Morning – Saba Alrair (first “r” of “Alrair” to be strong like French “r” in Paris)
  • Good Morning back (response) – Saba Anur
  • Good Afternoon – Masa Alrair
  • Goodbye – Masalama
  • Goodnight – Leila Saida / Tseba alarair (first “r” of “alarair” to be strong like French “r” in Paris)
  • How are You? – Labas alik?
  • All is Fine? (like how’s it going?) – kulshi birair? (first “r” of “Bilhair” to be strong like French “r” in Paris)

Go To the Market – Useful phrases in Moroccan Arabic

  • How Much is that? – Beshal hadik?
  • Please Give Me 1 Kilo of Oranges – Ateini Wahid Kilo Dial Limun
  • Add a Bit More Please – Zid Shi Shuiya Afaq
  • Remove a Little Bit Please – Nqes Shi Shuiya Afaq
  • I Want This One – Bghit Hadik
  • I Don’t Want That One – Mabghitsh Hadik

Learn Arabic Alphabet Video

This video teaches you how each Arabic letter is written and pronounced along with an illustration of a word using that letter and guides on pronunciation.

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