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3G Mobile Internet in Morocco

Moroccan Internet services and providers have grown incredibly fast the last couple of years. The Internet phenomenon in Morocco is settled on a huge scale and all big cities, small towns, and even tiny village in the Sahara Desert have “Cybercaf├ęs” where you can surf the web with a good Internet speed.

Few companies started to offer 3G Modems in order to provide mobile Internet in Morocco. These 3G mobile connections more or less follow the length of specific companies coverage signal. Some companies have better signal coverage than other in specific regions of Morocco. Big cities like Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, and Tangier, the Internet signal is usually good and 100% in open spaces.

Morocco main 3G Mobile Internet providers

3G Internet Morocco is always changing prices and services. This information was updated on July 2010.

Meditel 3G Modem

  • Modem + 1 month connection
  • No contract – Plug & Play
  • From 290 Moroccan Dirhams = 21.8 British Pounds
  • Meditel 3G Modem – Official Website: http://www.meditel3gplus.ma/

Meditel 3G Mobile Internet Morocco

Wana / Inwi 3G Modem

  • Modem + 2 month connection Summer promotion
  • No contract – Plug & Play
  • From 300 Moroccan Dirhams = 22.6 British Pounds
  • Inwi 3G Modem – Official Website: http://www.inwi.ma/

Inwi Wana 3G Mobile Internet Morocco

Maroc Telecom 3G Modem

  • Modem + 1 month connection
  • No contract – Plug & Play
  • From 249 Moroccan Dirhams = 18.7 British Pounds
  • Maroc Telecom 3G Modem – Official Website: http://www.iam.ma/

Maroc Telecom 3G Mobile Internet Morocco